Spray isopropyl alcohol 200ml A02187

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Isopropyl alcohol spray


application area:

effective product for all structures and plastic wraps in computers, printers, video screens, plotter rolls and copiers and any other equipment for office. evaporates completely, leaving no residue: it is therefore particularly suitable for the cleaning of glasses, lenses and optical groups.
remove dirt and static charges that are deposited on the magnetic heads of audio video equipment during operation and the sliding of the magnetic tape, thus optimizing the performance of recorders and video.
recommended for cleaning optical readers of CD and DVD and glass reading levels of scanners and photocopiers.
optical fibers, printed circuits, electrical and electronic components can safely and effectively be washed with this product with remarkable properties degreasers ..


technical features:

– Container: Aerosol
– color: transparent
– density ‘: 0.80 g / cc. (+/- 0.05), at 20 ° c (liquid phase)
– Propellant: propane / butane
– content: 200ml