graphite Lubricant

application area:
automobile, hardware and industry, hydraulics and air conditioning.
Main applications:
– conductive coating against electrostatic discharge (esd)
– shielding of cathode-ray tubes
– conductive coating of non-conductive materials
– repair of the PCB contacts on the keyboard switches (eg. Remote controls)
– esd protection of packaging and equipment
– permanent dry lubricant coating resistant to temperature (eg. Molds)
– lubricant coating on high voltage devices (eg on-line protection devices)
– optical applications: black color makes the product suitable as an optical absorber (eg. Laser)

product spray solution made of fine graphite and pure mixed with a thermoplastic binder that form an electrically conductive film of non-conductive materials and surfaces in general.
It can also be used to shield wooden lockers or plastics, for repairing damaged shielding in cathode ray tubes and for coating cables. ideal for all types of locks and padlocks. lubricates and facilitates the smooth functioning of mechanisms subject to scratches; It is used in cases where it is not desired the presence of oils.

technical features:
– Container: Aerosol
– color: black liquid
– density ‘: 0.86 kg / l
– Propellant: LPG (propane-buatano)
– content: 200ml