Lubricant speed cable spray 400ml A02233

Speed ??cable – cable lubricant spray


application area:
in the industrial field for the installation of power cables, of large sections, in plastic pipes or concrete;
civil and industrial plant for classic threading applications.


lubricant useful for the installation and the passage in the cable ducts and conduits.
and ‘sufficient dosarlo on the hand or on a rag and lubricate the cables prior to insertion; then the cables will be perfectly lubricated and slippery, greatly simplifying the operations of passage ducts and cables.
the use of the spray eliminates up to 80% friction, limiting the risk of cable damage during insertion and withdrawal. compatible with all types of cable, biodegradable and odorless. the product has a high yield in time, not a posteriori solidifies avoiding the problem to block the cables. They do not hinder or prevent subsequent insertions cables in pipes. reduces the friction of the cables in both rubber is plastic, then it facilitates the passage even in points with tight corners where they might otherwise be damaged. the product does not contain flammable solvents or that could damage or deteriorate raceways and cables.


technical features:
– Container: Aerosol
– pH: 8.0 +/- 0.5
– freezing point: 0 ° C (liquid phase)
– Boiling point: 100 ° c (liquid phase)
– content: 400ml